Immobilizer (Immobilizer) is a kind of electronic anti-theft device. It is designed to securely block certain vehicle modules. The main task of an immobilizer is to prevent attempts to steal. Correctly chosen immobilizer and professional installation in our service, can become a serious obstacle for the auto-hijacker. It is introduced into the electronic part and has a small size, due to which it is difficult to find and work around. Immobilizers are usually divided into types: contact, contactless and regular. When using additional devices (for example, solenoid valves), it is possible to block the operation of non-electrical systems.

Most modern cars have a regular immobilizer installed by the automaker. In the standard immobilizer, the lock is made without the aid of a relay. The device itself is physically and programmatically connected to the engine's injection controller, therefore, in the absence of an enabling signal, the controller will not initiate the start-up and maintenance of the engine itself. In other words, blocking occurs not physically, but programmatically by the engine control system itself.

There are immobilizers working without breaks of electric circuits, - CAN immobilizer. Blocking the engine operation occurs as a result of sending certain messages over the CAN (Controller Area Network) to the vehicle's bus, thereby creating interference. The immobilizer must be switched on and off only to the owner of the car. Typically, an electronic key code is used for this purpose. Models with manual code set are less common. Before starting the car, the owner must insert the code key into a special socket, thereby ensuring that the immobilizer system reads the code and turns off the lock, or place an electronic "tag" (chip) in the area of the antenna of the immobilizer system. In systems with manual code selection in order to turn off the immobilizer, you must enter the owner-set code.

When the immobilizer is destroyed or unauthorized disconnection, the vehicle systems remain blocked. Almost all types of immobilizers have the function of automatic arming after a certain period, during which no action was taken by the owner. The standard immobilizer consists of two main parts: • the control unit, which is the center from which signals are received about the need to activate the entire system; • the key that is in the possession of the car owner and which is recognized by the control unit. In some cases, authorization takes place by entering a secret password through the vehicle's standard buttons. An additional (non-standard) immobilizer is characterized by the presence of an electromagnetic relay, which breaks electrical circuits when it enters the car, an additional antenna and an additional one. "Tags" (chips) Product catalog is here