How does the remote start of the car work? Despite the fact that there are autorun blocks with automatic or remote control principle, the scheme of their operation is not different. At a certain time (for a module with automatic mode) or when receiving a command from a remote control alarm or from a mobile phone, an electric current is applied from the autorun module to the ignition circuit, followed by a two second delay during which the oil pressure in the main line is restored, and only then the starter is switched on.The scheme of automatic start of the diesel engine differs only one - additional connection of a chain of the control of candles накаливания. In this case, if the autorun block enters the security complex, first the alarm interlocks are automatically disconnected, and then the ignition and the starter are activated. If the autorun is installed autonomously, the immobilizer is bypassed first, and then the module supplies power to the ignition and starter circuits.By passing the regular immobilizer is an important operation when installing the autorun module, because the purpose of this anti-theft device is to break one or several electrical circuits that affect the starting of the engine. Therefore, during installation, you will have to install a bypass unit with a digital microcircuit (usually mounted in the engine compartment or placed behind the instrument panel), which avoids a conflict between the autoloader and the anti-theft device. Usually, a spare ignition key is used as such a block, in which the immobilizer deactivation chip is integrated. Each autorun module can be programmed for a certain number of attempts to turn on the starter (by default, each unit has three attempts) - usually up to five attempts. If the launch was successful (the module "learns" about it according to the readings of the crankshaft speed sensors, oil pressure or mains voltage), the car signals this "emergency" or the signal comes to the alarm panel, a mobile phone. Some expensive models of autoplay units are equipped with a diagnostic function for switching on the engine - for example, if the car failed due to a failed battery, the module microprocessor will analyze the cause and give a signal to the mobile device of the owner.

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