For more than 20 years we have been installing audio and video equipment in any cars. In a modern car, music is basically at a good level. And yet good can be improved. And we will help you with this. From the simplest, replacement of full-time speakers to more advanced, up to the most complex multi-channel systems with the use of processors, equalizers, amplifiers and subwoofers. Noise isolation and vibration isolation of the cabin with the use of the most modern materials. All this can be done in our company qualitatively and with skill.

For Mercedes Benz, we can purchase units that allow you to connect a USB drive to the recorder or make an input for an additional AUX sound source, such as a phone or music player. On the compatibility of adapters call us. We will advise you on all issues. Also we can upgrade your audio technique and install a more advanced Comand with navigation instead of the regular Audio20 audio recorder.