Diagnostics - otherwise determine the cause. Half of the success of the entire repair depends on it. Diagnostics of a malfunction of any system  is not only the connection of  the computer and the reading of the fault codes. This is a comprehensive approach to solve any problems whether it is electronics, running gear, gearbox, brake system, cooling system, air conditioning, etc. In order  to determine the correct faulty element, it is not enough to have only a computer. There is a need of  additional tools for special purposes. We can compare the work of diagnosis with doctors. If you have something that hurts or worries you are going  to a doctor and  he will, based on your complaint, assign certain tests to make a diagnosis. Everything almost the same becomes to our cars. It is necessary to make analyzes, and in our case to check with the help of special devices from screwdrivers to motor testers of endoscopes of manometers of special stands and other instruments the work of systems or a group of systems. And already on the basis of the results obtained, one or another conclusion should be drawn (read the diagnosis). Thus, in order to diagnose a complex of measures is necessary for each individual case. We want to bring this to you. And please understand, when we ask to leave us a car for troubleshooting. Particularly complex are the so-called floating faults (means non-permanent and arising from time to time during operation). In this case, test trips on your car are possible with a computer or other test instruments. You woud ask how much does it cost? Of course, it depends very much on  how  much  time a diagnostician will spend on determining the cause. Anyone who came across us knows that on average this is 1 2.5 normal hours.This time is allocated for basic checks. If  this is enough then we do not even call the customer. If you need additional checks related to, for example, disassembly and verification of individual items, we will contact you and coordinate the prices. Thank you for understanding.

Our team always strives to optimize diagnostics due to extensive work experience and special tools that accelerate and simplify our work. Thank you.