transmission mb riga

In our center it is possible to carry out repair of gear boxes of the most different kinds, ever used on Mercedes Benz cars. Repair of gearboxes takes place in three stages.

1)fault diagnostics with the help of a computer and preliminary defectation.

2) If necessary, the next step is the removal of the gearbox and more detailed defect with the disassembly of the gearbox and the determination of  worn parts their cost and the determination of a more accurate estimate for repair.

3) Direct repair and post-repair activities as an adaptation of the coding and erasure of fault codes.

The gearbox , especially the automaton require a qualified approach. Knowledge of the features of the work, and the developed solutions allow us to successfully solve almost any task of identifying and fixing malfunctions of any gearboxes, such as manual, automatic, semi-automatic, and variator.