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Good afternoon! My name is, Andrei Oganesov. I invite you to my car center STARS MB. Here you will find a hospitable team, ready to help you  in the maintenance and repair of Mercedes Benz cars of any models. Our aim "We will help you" means that we will try to help solve any problems that have arisen with your favorite iron horse, and also help you  to make your car individual. We will offer you various additional equipment, which makes it even more comfortable and convenient. Having an experience of working with cars for more than 20 years, we can  advise  the most correct solution in all matters of maintenance and repair.  Many of  our regular customers ask if we are doing other brands and want to serve cars for children's and  wives and also for other brands. Yes 90% of cars we have Mercedes brands, but of course you can  call us and  ask questions about other brands. How we can will wil help you. There is the necessary equipment and  information . So what we offer: Service diagnostics, repair and spare parts for Mercedes Benz.

Repair of running gear, electricians, engines, gearboxes, brake system, steering and other car systems. Recovery after an accident, body repair, including insurance cases. Original oils and technical fluids. We offer tire fitting services. We can find tires and wheels suitable for the best prices.

In our auto center you can  retrofit your car with additional equipment:

- Cameras rearward, front and also 360 degrees.

- Parking systems

- Remote starting of the car engine

- Alarms and anti-theft systems

- Seat heating installation

- Hands Free Systems

- Additional lighting (daytime running fog lights and etc.)etc.)

- Installation of audio and  video equipment

- Tuning of the exterior and interior

- Chip Tuning (engine work optimization)

This is not a complete list of all the works that we offer.

We are waiting for you in our car center. Call us for any questions. Watch  out for

news. Welcome.

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