Mercedes-Benz Maintenance


Let's not say how important is timely service the car. On it depends all  the further service of all units. We will list all that is included in the service of our auto center.

1. Oil and oil filter  replacement

2. Check of all other filters (air, salon, etc.)

3. Check of  the running gear.

4. Checking for leaks.

5. Checking the lighting.

6. Checking the air pressure in the wheels.

7. Visual inspection of belt condition.

8. Visual inspection of  the car.

9. Connecting the computer (Short test + erasing all fault codes).

10. '' OIL SERVICE '' reset.

11. Checking  the drains.

12. Checking  the levels of  technical  liquids and oils.

Maintenance in our auto center costs from 56 euro + VAT

Mercedes-Benz Diagnostics


Diagnostics - otherwise determine the cause. Half of the success of the entire repair depends on it. Diagnostics of a malfunction of any system  is not only the connection of  the computer and the reading of the fault codes. This is a comprehensive approach to solve any problems whether it is electronics, running gear, gearbox, brake system, cooling system, air conditioning, etc. In order  to determine the correct faulty element, it is not enough to have only a computer. There is a need of  additional tools for special purposes. We can compare the work of diagnosis with doctors. If you have something that hurts or worries you are going  to a doctor and  he will, based on your complaint, assign certain tests to make a diagnosis. Everything almost the same becomes to our cars. It is necessary to make analyzes, and in our case to check with the help of special devices from screwdrivers to motor testers of endoscopes of manometers of special stands and other instruments the work of systems or a group of systems. And already on the basis of the results obtained, one or another conclusion should be drawn (read the diagnosis). Thus, in order to diagnose a complex of measures is necessary for each individual case. We want to bring this to you. And please understand, when we ask to leave us a car for troubleshooting. Particularly complex are the so-called floating faults (means non-permanent and arising from time to time during operation). In this case, test trips on your car are possible with a computer or other test instruments. You woud ask how much does it cost? Of course, it depends very much on  how  much  time a diagnostician will spend on determining the cause. Anyone who came across us knows that on average this is 1 2.5 normal hours.This time is allocated for basic checks. If  this is enough then we do not even call the customer. If you need additional checks related to, for example, disassembly and verification of individual items, we will contact you and coordinate the prices. Thank you for understanding.

Our team always strives to optimize diagnostics due to extensive work experience and special tools that accelerate and simplify our work. Thank you.

Mercedes-Benz Electronics repair


Electrical repair involves the repair of the electrical systems of the car (starters, generators, etc.), repair of wiring, repair of control units, coding and programming of all car systems.

Repair of the chassis


Repair of the chassis - replacement of the defective components of the car suspension, revealed as a result of inspection at the request of the customer and not only to maintain the safety of the car and keep the car in good condition. We recommend that the malfunctions associated with the chassis be detected and corrected in time, since a malfunction of one part may result in loosening and the appearance of problems with other parts that are in close connection with each other.

Mercedes-Benz Engine repair


Engine repair. Heart of the car. And as a heart he must work clearly, smoothly, without unnecessary noise and interruptions. Our task is to ensure that your engine does not crash, because without the engine the car will not go anywhere. If without auxiliary systems such as ABS, ESP, Parktronic, etc. You can drive  the car,  then without the engine is nowhere. We recommend that you always monitor the condition of your engine, and do not save on consumables such as filters and oil.  In time change and install time-tested quality components. And we will help you in this based on many years of experience. Well, if your engine fails, our masters will help you in eliminating these or other problems. The modern engine is a complex mechanism, requiring great experience, special adaptations, the right information for quality repair. In our place you can receive a full complex of services on repair of engines starting from replacement of belts and rollers ending with difficult repair with replacement of belt of timing. piston rings, camshafts, etc. In case of doubts in work of the engine immediately address to us for definition of the reason, further exploitation or

Mercedes-Benz Repair of gearbox


In our center it is possible to carry out repair of gear boxes of the most different kinds, ever used on Mercedes Benz cars. Repair of gearboxes takes place in three stages.

1)fault diagnostics with the help of a computer and preliminary defectation.

2) If necessary, the next step is the removal of the gearbox and more detailed defect with the disassembly of the gearbox and the determination of  worn parts their cost and the determination of a more accurate estimate for repair.

3) Direct repair and post-repair activities as an adaptation of the coding and erasure of fault codes.

The gearbox , especially the automaton require a qualified approach. Knowledge of the features of the work, and the developed solutions allow us to successfully solve almost any task of identifying and fixing malfunctions of any gearboxes, such as manual, automatic, semi-automatic, and variator.

Car body repair


Our auto center carries out body repair of any complexity. From simple painting of individual elements to complex body repair with the restoration of parts including aluminum. We work with insurance companies to make estimates and defects of broken items with replacement or repair. Body repair is controlled at each stage from disassembly and assembly to pulling body elements, applying quality elements. In our gallery you can get acquainted with our works on restoration and painting.

Repair of brake system


In our auto center you can also repair and make preventive maintenance of brake systems of all kinds. Manufacturers of modern cars pay great attention to the improvement of braking systems. Machines are becoming more powerful, engines have a high torque. Naturally, you need to quickly accelerate and quickly stop.

Thus there are increased criteria for braking systems. Complicated electronic brake control systems. Elements that are controlled by special computers are introduced. All this in our service can be diagnosed and repaired. We have accumulated a lot of experience in repairing electronic systems used in Mercedes Benz cars, such as SBC, ABR, ESP, etc

Care of car


Any car from time to time needs timely care. In our auto center you can get any services to keep your car in good condition. Polishing of the body, dry cleaning, elimination of minor body and salon damage. The use of modern high-quality materials and the great experience of our masters makes it possible to obtain an excellent result.




Our Autocentre offers you various options for changing the exterior of the car with a variety of means. One of the most common is the ready-made body kit AMG, BRABUS and others. Another simple and effective way to change the appearance of your car is larger rims. Immediately change the appearance and give uniqueness.

Additional spoilers and linings on the bumpers of the glass and the trunk will add sportiness. Also we can update the car with restyling headlights, LED daytime running lights (DRL), additional headlights, fog lights, additional thresholds, arches and other tuning accessories.

All additional information is given via phone.


One of the directions, to improve comfort and to give uniqueness to your car is to change the interior. Want to get something that no one else has to change the color range of the interior, make carbon or wood inserts, make the firmware, highlight the interior elements, change the shape and design. All this can be done with us. We have a wide experience of working with showrooms from the simplest to complex design projects that we carry out at your request. Examples of works you can see in our gallery

Chip tuning

Many owners often wonder how you can improve the dynamics of your car without changing the engine or its elements. And especially the car. It turns out that the manufacturer, when designing engines, sets parameters that can be substantially improved by reprogramming electronic units.We call it engine optimization, which does not harm or spoil the aggregates, but add certain dynamics and, in most cases, reduce fuel consumption by optimizing fuel injection and more efficient use of the resource. Moreover, in most firmware there are factory alternative settings of the engine control units. We know how the engines of Mercedes Benz should work and adjust them in the most correct way and give you the opportunity to see the effectiveness of our developments.

Spare parts


Original spare parts

Original spare parts allow you to get 100% result. We use the original spare parts in all the nodes and aggregates. The prices for original spare parts are certainly higher than the substitutes, but the quality of their manufacture is checked by time, allowing their longer operation, thereby saving is achieved. At us it is possible to get original details under the prices below market to 35%.

Not original spare parts

Along with the use of original parts, our auto center also uses non-original spare parts in some units and units. We will help you with the choice of the manufacturer, the most reliable and correct based on your experience, while allowing you to save a lot without compromising the safety and operation of the car. It makes no sense to list the brands that can be used in those or other systems. On the spot in fact we will make you a proposal for the use of non-original auto parts


In our auto center you can purchase any accessories offered by Mercedes Benz. Trinkets, clothes, watches, wallets and much more will be offered to you on the spot or on a choice of catalogs.

Oils and technical fluids

The oils and technical fluids used by us are approved and used by Mercedes Benz all over the world. Petronas is the main way for Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team.

Mercedes (Eng. Mercedes, full name Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team) is a German automotive team that takes part in the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Three-time winner of the Cup of designers 2014, 2015, 2016.

It was Petronas oils, which were one of the components of the success of the whole team. As the experience of using these oils has shown the products of very high quality. They use technology Cool Tech, protection of the engine from overheating. Cool Tech technology works in critical areas - on the internal parts of the engine, which get very hot - effectively absorbing and removing excess heat from them, and also provides temperature control, protecting engine components from damage and loss of performance. This is especially true for turbocharged multivalve engines with an electronic injection engine with high efficiency and torque of both diesel and gasoline.

 It is very important to understand that the technical fluids and oils used in various Mercedes Benz units and systems have certain properties. Our catalog specialists will find what is necessary and advise and apply original or similar lubricants and technical fluids. In time replaced during maintenance will prolong the life of the units and units of your car.

Disks and Rubber

In our auto center we can offer a choice of any rubber that matches your car of any price category of famous brands. Our experts will recommend and help with a choice depending on performance, load, speed index, seasonality and other parameters. Also we offer wheel disks of different sizes of original and their analogues



Audio installation

For more than 20 years we have been installing audio and video equipment in any cars. In a modern car, music is basically at a good level. And yet good can be improved. And we will help you with this. From the simplest, replacement of full-time speakers to more advanced, up to the most complex multi-channel systems with the use of processors, equalizers, amplifiers and subwoofers. Noise isolation and vibration isolation of the cabin with the use of the most modern materials. All this can be done in our company qualitatively and with skill.

For Mercedes Benz, we can purchase units that allow you to connect a USB drive to the recorder or make an input for an additional AUX sound source, such as a phone or music player. On the compatibility of adapters call us. We will advise you on all issues. Also we can upgrade your audio technique and install a more advanced Comand with navigation instead of the regular Audio20 audio recorder.

Video installation

The multimedia and video system in the car, makes your car even more original and will be an excellent outreach in the long haul for your passengers. You can get acquainted with the goods catholic by clicking here. More information you can get by contacting us by phone.

AUX instalation

AUX is the "line" input. The presence of AUX IN (The ability to connect the external audio signal of a mobile phone, mp3 player) Our specialists will install everything quickly and efficiently. Using AUX sound is not lost or distorted, you will have an additional input to which you can connect proactively any device where there is a sound output (headphones, line output).

All the details about prices and terms can be given via phone

Installation of rear view cameras

Parking sensors and rear-view cameras will facilitate parking in conditions of insufficient visibility, which will increase safety for you and others. You can see the camera catalog by clicking here. Park systems here.

All additional information is given by calling to our phone.

Additional equipment



Professional installation of car alarms, security and anti-theft systems in Riga, for any brand of car. A wide range of car alarms: simple, with feedback, with a remote engine start. Connection of additional immobilizer, pagers and GSM modules. Installation of locks of a passenger lock and mul-t-lock, a steering shaft, a cowl, doors. Complex protection of the car with anti-theft complexes Product catalog here


Immobilizer (Immobilizer) is a kind of electronic anti-theft device. It is designed to securely block certain vehicle modules. The main task of an immobilizer is to prevent attempts to steal. Correctly chosen immobilizer and professional installation in our service, can become a serious obstacle for the auto-hijacker. It is introduced into the electronic part and has a small size, due to which it is difficult to find and work around. Immobilizers are usually divided into types: contact, contactless and regular. When using additional devices (for example, solenoid valves), it is possible to block the operation of non-electrical systems.

Most modern cars have a regular immobilizer installed by the automaker. In the standard immobilizer, the lock is made without the aid of a relay. The device itself is physically and programmatically connected to the engine's injection controller, therefore, in the absence of an enabling signal, the controller will not initiate the start-up and maintenance of the engine itself. In other words, blocking occurs not physically, but programmatically by the engine control system itself.

There are immobilizers working without breaks of electric circuits, - CAN immobilizer. Blocking the engine operation occurs as a result of sending certain messages over the CAN (Controller Area Network) to the vehicle's bus, thereby creating interference. The immobilizer must be switched on and off only to the owner of the car. Typically, an electronic key code is used for this purpose. Models with manual code set are less common. Before starting the car, the owner must insert the code key into a special socket, thereby ensuring that the immobilizer system reads the code and turns off the lock, or place an electronic "tag" (chip) in the area of the antenna of the immobilizer system. In systems with manual code selection in order to turn off the immobilizer, you must enter the owner-set code.

When the immobilizer is destroyed or unauthorized disconnection, the vehicle systems remain blocked. Almost all types of immobilizers have the function of automatic arming after a certain period, during which no action was taken by the owner. The standard immobilizer consists of two main parts: • the control unit, which is the center from which signals are received about the need to activate the entire system; • the key that is in the possession of the car owner and which is recognized by the control unit. In some cases, authorization takes place by entering a secret password through the vehicle's standard buttons. An additional (non-standard) immobilizer is characterized by the presence of an electromagnetic relay, which breaks electrical circuits when it enters the car, an additional antenna and an additional one. "Tags" (chips) Product catalog is here

Parking systems

Parking systems, or a parking assistance system (parktronic) is an auxiliary system of active vehicle safety, the use of such systems significantly simplifies parking. The greatest efficiency from the application of the parking system is realized when the car is moving in reverse, in the dark, with strong tinting of glasses, and in tight spaces (parking, garage, etc.). Parking systems can be conditionally divided into two large groups - passive and active. Passive parking systems represent only the information necessary for parking, while driving is carried out by the driver. Active parking systems provide parking the car in an automatic or automated (automatically performed separate functions) mode. The catalog of parking systems can be viewed here.

Additional light Install

Additional lights on your car. Installing Xenon, with a competent correction will increase visibility in the dark. Details about prices and terms can be given via telephone

Hands Free

Sale and installation of Hands Free systems for your car, all the details can be given by phone.

Installation of rear view cameras and parking sensors

Parking sensors and rear-view cameras will facilitate parking in conditions of insufficient visibility, which will increase safety for you and others. You can see the camera catalog by clicking here. Parking systems here.  

All additional information is given via phone.

Seat heating Installation

Installation and repair of seat heating in your car in Riga, details about prices and terms can be given by phone.

Remote start

How does the remote start of the car work? Despite the fact that there are autorun blocks with automatic or remote control principle, the scheme of their operation is not different. At a certain time (for a module with automatic mode) or when receiving a command from a remote control alarm or from a mobile phone, an electric current is applied from the autorun module to the ignition circuit, followed by a two second delay during which the oil pressure in the main line is restored, and only then the starter is switched on.The scheme of automatic start of the diesel engine differs only one - additional connection of a chain of the control of candles накаливания. In this case, if the autorun block enters the security complex, first the alarm interlocks are automatically disconnected, and then the ignition and the starter are activated. If the autorun is installed autonomously, the immobilizer is bypassed first, and then the module supplies power to the ignition and starter circuits.By passing the regular immobilizer is an important operation when installing the autorun module, because the purpose of this anti-theft device is to break one or several electrical circuits that affect the starting of the engine. Therefore, during installation, you will have to install a bypass unit with a digital microcircuit (usually mounted in the engine compartment or placed behind the instrument panel), which avoids a conflict between the autoloader and the anti-theft device. Usually, a spare ignition key is used as such a block, in which the immobilizer deactivation chip is integrated. Each autorun module can be programmed for a certain number of attempts to turn on the starter (by default, each unit has three attempts) - usually up to five attempts. If the launch was successful (the module "learns" about it according to the readings of the crankshaft speed sensors, oil pressure or mains voltage), the car signals this "emergency" or the signal comes to the alarm panel, a mobile phone. Some expensive models of autoplay units are equipped with a diagnostic function for switching on the engine - for example, if the car failed due to a failed battery, the module microprocessor will analyze the cause and give a signal to the mobile device of the owner.

The more details on installation and prices can be founded by the phone.

Webasto additional heating

Comfort - during low temperatures! Additional heaters (warmers) of the engine for cars.

The principle of operation of additional heaters is similar to pre-starting liquid heater-heaters "Webasto". They are similarly connected to the engine cooling system of the car and run on fuel. The preheater is switched on and controlled automatically, only with the engine running, for a time when the air temperature drops below the threshold (usually +5 C). The fuel, burning in the combustion chamber of the preheater, heats the coolant that is pumped through the cooling system by the vehicle's regular liquid pump and thus heats the engine. 

The more information about prices and terms, can be founded by the phone.