Tesla Diagnostics


TESLA is a high-tech electric car that combines many different technologies, from mechanics to complex software. Our specialists will determine the malfunction with high accuracy and in the shortest possible time and identify all possible defects in your TESLA. For this purpose, all possible diagnostic devices are used, as well as many years of experience in car repair.

Tesla Spare parts


We supply and sell original Tesla spare parts. Guaranteeing a high standard of service, we use them to repair your cars.

Electronics repair


We have accumulated extensive experience in electrical repairs for Tesla electric vehicles. We went through all stages of Tesla development and learned how to repair their various parts. Listed below are all possible Tesla malfunctions and methods for eliminating them.

a) Battery repair

b) Repair of electric motors

c) Monitor repair

d) Inverter repair

e) Computer repair

f) Autopilot repair

Repair of mechanics and chassis


We specialize in mechanical and chassis repairs for your Tesla, ensuring reliability and safety on the road.

Our team of highly qualified mechanics are equipped with the latest technology and original spare parts, guaranteeing a high standard of service. We provide a full range of services, including diagnostics, adjustments, parts replacement and chassis repairs

Additional equipment and upgrade


We have extensive experience in retrofitting Tesla with additional equipment. If your Tesla is not equipped with any equipment from the factory, we can upgrade your car to a premium class. We can equip Tesla with electric heated steering wheel and seats, electric trunk and hood, upgrade the autopilot and much more. Also in our service you can remake your Tesla, imported from the USA, to European requirements (remaking lighting, chargers, navigation)

Exterior and interior tuning


Welcome to our high-end Tesla tuning shop! We offer unique solutions to enhance the exterior and interior design of your Tesla, giving it unique style and personality.

We specialize in high-quality body upgrades, installation of exclusive exterior elements and creation of unique interiors that reflect your unique taste.

From personalized paint jobs to custom body parts, we strive for the perfect combination of style, functionality and exclusivity.

We perceive each project as a unique creation, where your ideas are brought to life. Trust us to customize your Tesla and we'll turn it into a work of art on wheels.



In our auto center you can purchase any accessories offered by Tesla. We will offer you keychains, clothes, watches, wallets and much more on site or from catalogs.